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Ages 1+

twirlywoos live quacky bird


Twirlywoos Live

UK Tour 2019


               Q: How long is 'Twirlywoos Live!'?

               A: The running time of the show is approximately 50                                             minutes.*


              Q: Is there an interval in 'Twirlywoos Live!'?

               A: There is no interval during the show.

     Q: Are there any age restrictions for 'Twirlywoos Live!'?

     A: There are no restrictions, the show is aimed at Age 1+ but all ages                    are more than welcome.

 For any questions relating to pricing or access or any additional information for 'Twirlywoos Live!' then please contact your local venue  

* Approximate run time only show currently in development *

twirlywoos live on stage big red boat